Blued makeup vlogger, Yosef, is sassy and fabulous. Despite that, the only missing thing in his life is romance–or so he thinks. He cries out to his viewers, “I’m the only out gay boy in my all-boys’ high school!” But one day, new student Justin arrives and becomes his acting class partner. Will sweet but closeted Justin finally change his love life? Or will the school jock/bully Rex get in the way of Yosef’s destiny?


Episode 1

Blued makeup vlogger Yosef (also known as Yosefina Fierce) is fun, fabulous…and desperate to be in a relationship. He likes the new guy in school Justin, but just how far will Yosef change himself to make a boy like him?

Episode 2

Though Justin was initially terrified that Yosef discovered his hidden life on Blued, he opens up by revealing a secret during a sleepover at Yosef’s place. Is this finally the start of something wonderful between the two boys? Or will Yosef’s alter-ego, Yosefina Fierce, scare Justin away for good?

Episode 3

With Justin getting closer to Yosef, Yosef may have gotten his best Christmas gift. But will he ruin it with a little white lie? And will Rex soon find out what the two boys are up to?

Episode 4

Just when Yosef thought the stars have finally aligned for Justin and him, Rex comes in and dims the spark between the two. And it seems fate is really forcing Justin and Yosef apart slowly, now that their acting teacher has assigned Rex as Justin’s new acting partner. Will Rex put to an end the budding romance Yosef is dreaming to happen? Or is a plot twist just around the corner for Yosef’s relationship status?

Episode 5

With Justin pushing Yosef away, Yosef might just cut ties with his confused, closeted crush once and for all. Is Yosef finally ready to call it quits? Is this the end, or just the start of something better? Could fate be leading Yosef to something more beautiful?


Aren’t you curious with what will happen next to our Blued boy? Be patient as the next episode is releasing soon enough! Coming up with so many twists and turns, but keep your eyes peeled for what will happen next!

Episode 1

Filled with regrets for outing his crush, Yosef tries to save his relationship with Justin. What he doesn’t know is that he might need some saving himself.

Episode 2

Yosef found himself in a viral video, and found the unexpected truth in the next leaked video!

Episode 3

Over a video call, Yosef asks for love advice from his friend and mentor, Maruya Keri. The Queen Diva of Cebu tells him to make a move and reach out to Justin. Curiously, Justin might not be the boy who’s thinking of Yosef at that very moment.

Episode 4

Yosef is forced to get closer to Rex after their Math teacher zeroes in on our Blued boy and assigns him to tutor his bully. Will the pair add up? Can this negative turn into a positive? And will Justin be finally out of the equation?

Episode 5

With Rex forced into his life and Justin still out of sight, Yosef prays for an answer to his problems. Meanwhile, Rex discovers Yosef has Blued on his phone. (But why does Rex know about the gay social app, anyway?)

Episode 6

Now that his relationship with Justin is going around in circles, Yosef is rethinking whether Rex isn’t exactly a round peg in the square hole that is his love life. Could this bizarre love triangle be the new order of things?

Episode 7

What do pimples and first loves have in common? Yosef discovers that he may need to hide some things so he can get what he truly wants.

Episode 8

With Justin back in his life, Yosef shares to his Blued followers how he’s hungry to finally win the boy’s affection this time. But is he biting more than he can chew again?

Episode 9

Yosef goes all out to support Justin in his swim tryouts, but Rex dives into the picture yet again. Will there be a (back)stroke of luck waiting for our hero today?

Episode 10

Rex is back to bullying Yosef again, and it’s really driving Yosef crazy—though our Blued boy may have found a new crush to go bananas over…

Episode 11

Suspecting that Rex is bullying him on Blued, Yosef cancels his tutoring date with Rex and meets Justin instead at his place. Meanwhile, Justin acts weirdly after Yosef’s unexpected call with his friend, Maruya Keri. Do the two know each other?

Episode 12

What do you do when your destiny leads you to an unfamiliar place? Should you forget your fear and pursue it, or will you choose to stay?

Episode 13

Will Yosef’s big mistake cost him something very precious? 😱 Watch out what happens to our #Ur_Tadhana trio in this exciting season finale!

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